The Eagle Foundation works with the Graves County Board of Education to raise funds for construction, upgrades, repair, and improvements in order to help provide first-class facilities within the Graves County School District. We possess a bold vision where we can help establish unparalleled opportunities for our students and develop facilities that become a source of pride, individual and team development, and economic stimuli for the entire Graves County community.

Completed Projects

GCHS Cafeteria Renovation

In the spring of 2012, the Eagle Foundation partnered with Graves County Food Service and Graves County High School and renovated the cafeteria that had received very little upgrade since the school was opened in 1985.  The cafeteria received all new tables, booths, pub tables and stools, as well as new paint, wall decorations, and serving lines.  The cafeteria not only serves over 1400 students daily, but it serves as a source of pride as many community organizations utilize our facilities for their meetings and gatherings.  As part of the project, the halls around the gymnasium were painted with logos and school colors to promote school spirit and pride.


Total Eagle Foundation Investment:  $13,400

GCHS Track Repair

The GCHS track has deteriorated through years of harsh winters, high traffic during football events, and vehicle traffic during other events.  The Eagle Foundation provided the funds to resurface for the asphalt track as well as to paint the running lanes, starting lines, and exchange zones.  While we still hope to participate in the future in providing a rubber track that will provide a better training surface for our athletes, as well as the opportunity to host regional events, the 60+ track athletes; the teams, physical education classes, and JROTC program that utilize the track for conditioning; and, the many citizens who use the track for their personal training and health will benefit from this project.


Total Eagle Foundation Investment:  $26,000

Eagles' Nest Big Screen

The gathering place for Graves County High School and Graves County cititzens is often the 5,100 seat Eagles' Nest gymnasium.  The Eagle Foundation partnered with several organizations to provide a high definition, interactive big screen in the gymnasium for use at athletic and other special events.  WGCE students gain valuable experience operating the equipment and enhancing activity experiences, and the school enjoys an opportunity for additional revenues.


Total Eagle Foundation Investment:  $10,000

Our Vision

We have a bold vision for what we hope to accomplish in the future as alumni, friends, and supporters of Graves County Schools become involved and invest in its future.  After a lengthy needs assessment process, we arrived at a list of priority projects that we hope to provide when funds become available, perhaps embarking upon targeted capital campaigns in the future.

Rubberized Track

The asphalt track that exists and has been provided since our programs inception is not a surface that is considered adequate for our school to host regional meets, and it provides a difficult training surface that is more conducive to injuries.  We envision the installation of a a blue, rubberized track on top of the asphalt foundation we provided.  The new surface would enable our athletes to train on an optimal surface as well as providing our program the opportunity for the revenues and exposue of hosting regional events in our beautiful football stadium.  In the total project, we also envision fencing around the track, sidewalks outside of those fences, new egresses from the home bleachers to ease game flow in the breezeway, closing in the bottom of the home bleachers, a bridge from a new main entrance to the stadium, and other improvements to our stadium that will protect the track, provide a great game experience, and prepare the area in which we would hope to someday have a permanent concession stand to complete the facility.


Estimated Project Cost:  $140,000


Softball Hitting Facility

With the addition of the JROTC program, the "rubber room" had to be divided to provide classroom space, and it provided additional demand on the hitting and throwing area that remained.  We envision utilizing and expanding the existing concrete padat the softball field, building a structure around it to provide indoor practice facilities, locker rooms, and restrooms for the fans.


Estimated Project Cost:  $100,000


Indoor Tennis Facility

With a growing program at GCHS and a growing community interest in tennis, we recognize that the only facilities available for practice during the winter and other inclimate seasons are 40-45 minutes away.  We envision an indoor facility that would not only provide year-round opportunities for our athletes, but we also hope it would provide an opportunity for our community to utilize the facilities.


Estimated Project Cost: $300,000


Health & Wellness Center

We recognize that with 23 varsity sports and many other feeder teams, there is a tremendous strain on the facilities to be able to provide all the opportunities for practice and training that they need.  We envision a health & wellness center/multi-purpose building that would allow many more opportunities for training, competition, and community use.  Our rough sketches inolve a building with an auxillary gymnasium for volleyball, basketball, archery, and other sports.  The building would include two weight facilities - including cardio, strength, and rehabilitation equipment , an indoor track, indoor wrestling and golf practice rooms, and indoor pool (with seating capacity large enough to pursue the state swimming championships), classrooms for JROTC, community education rooms, and locker rooms that could be utilized for our soccer teams, visiting football teams, and the teams utilizing the facility regularly.  This is a bold project that will require a focused capital campaign, but we believe this facility could be a source of incredible value and pride for our system and our community.


Estimated Project Cost:  $5,000,000

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